A country of hidden gems… the people you will meet, the places you will visit, the castles and inns where you will stay and the golf courses that you will play…  Enjoy a truly authentic cultural experience in Ireland with Adams & Butler and come home with memories of a lifetime.

Perched on the northwest tip of Europe, this is the one place in the world where even time getting lost will be worthwhile… With ancient myths and legends to uncover, amazing landscapes to explore and locals who will be more than happy to chat to you.

With bizarre lunar landscapes, the mighty Atlantic Ocean, labyrinthine caves, sheer cliffs and crystal clear waterways, Ireland’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away.

Our endless coastal beauty is the stuff of legends, with shorelines trimmed by golden sands and rocky outcrops. Inland, the lakelands and rural idylls are equally as varied as they are tranquil. You see, it’s not just green on our island, it’s much, much more than that…

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